Spank Wear? Clothing

See more of Greta wearing Spank Clothing Spank Wear? is cool clothing and hats featuring our lovable monkey named "Spank".

Spank Boxy Sweatshirt 

  • Crew Neck Style 
  • 100% Cotton 
  • Embroidered Spank 
  • Colors:  Mocha and Maroon 

Sizes:  Large and XL

Spank Baseball Caps 

  • Premium Quality Wool Blended Cap 
  • Two Tone w/6 panel seam 
  • Navy/Brush Brown 
  • Maroon/Olive 
  • Ivory/Dark Green 

Size:  One Size fits all

Spank Hooded Sweatshirt

  • Medium Weight
  • Embroidered Spank
  • Colors: Green, Black, Birch

Sizes: M, L, XL

  Spank Embroidery


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